women empowernment

Women Empowerment through Green skills

Women Empowerment – Green Skills promotion – connect kids to nature- under the leadership of Environmentalist Mrs Bhavisha Buddhadeo at Sports Utsav Decathlon Sports India – Rootsaps​
Prmoting #Cycle specially for working women #CSR, #Beat #Plastic #Pollution

Economic, environmental and social changes required for sustainable development. Empowering Rural women is essential, not only for the well-being of individuals, families and rural communities, but also for overall economic productivity, women’s large presence in the Handy craft- and other workforce worldwide.Given equal resources, women could contribute much more to eradicate poverty. Skill development has become one of the essential need of women, as most of them have to find work in unorganized sector. But for most rural women, it comes much later in their lives, as a means of survival, and not as a conscious choice to empower themselves.
Training equips them with skills (Marketing, communication, planning, costing, managerial etc ) to pursue new livelihoods and adapt technology to their needs.
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